nanoBioSciences, LLC is developing an innovative line of novel transdermal drug delivery systems. The current pipeline comprises a new class of advanced microneedle-based transdermal patches that painlessly deliver sustained therapeutic levels of pharmaceutical drugs through the skin. 

In particular, nanoBioSciences, LLC has developed the patented Advanced micro-needle Patch (AdminPatch) transdermal system allowing continuous delivery through the skin of vaccines, proteins, and water-soluble drugs.

AdminPatch microneedle array is based on the proprietary microneedle shape which is developed by nanoBioSciences LLC.  First, the proprietary microneedle shape allows continuous delivery of drugs when the microneedle is inserted in the skin.  Second, the microneedles are formed from a standard metal film which allows very robust and inexpensive manufacturing of the AdminPatch.  Third, a conventional transdermal drug-in-adhesive patch can be simply laminated on the back surface of the AdminPatch microneedle array.

AdminPatch Microneedle Array

Our AdminMed division is working on commercialization of the developed microneedle technology.  For more information and to purchase product samples please click on the following picture to visit web-site:


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